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Ok, so you’re a small business and you’ve decided to take the first step into Social Media by starting your own Facebook page. Great! Hopefully you’ve read the right websites and done this correctly, heck I hope you may have even had a chance to read the Facebook article I wrote. Either way, you’re going in the right direction.

“So what do I do now?” you ask. You market the hell out of it, that’s what!

Now before I present to you, the top 10 places where you should advertise your Facebook page, you need to have a couple of things in check.

  • Make sure you have a vanity link first! If you don’t, get enough likes to be able to have one. It is usually 25 “likes” before you can do this, so hustle up that number ASAP! A vanity link is basically, facebook.com/yourbusinessname.
  • Make sure you have Facebook page filled out comprehensively. Basically, as much as you can. That way, once you start to implement some of the steps below, people will be landing on a content rich Facebook page.

Now, back to the main feature.

1. On your website.

If you’re reading this now and you’re saying “but I don’t have a website” then stop right now. Get yourself a website FIRST, before doing any sort of social media, then get back to this article. If you DO have a website, brilliant, then get some social media buttons on there.

Your website would be the first place I would start to tell people, that “you now have a Facebook page” and to start liking it.

010212 0747 Top10places11 top 10 places where you should advertise your Facebook page

2. On your email signatures

Alright, similar to the website statement from above, if your email address ends in @gmail, @hotmail, @yourisp or @ anything that ISN’T your business name, stop reading now, and get your own business domain. If you have it, but are aren’t using it, start using it ASAP!

As with your website, you can stick neat little social media buttons at the bottom of your email signatures. Do this for all social media platforms you’re on, starting of course, with Facebook.

010212 0747 Top10places21 top 10 places where you should advertise your Facebook page

3. Emailed newsletters

I know many businesses distribute email newsletters. If this is the case for your business, make sure it’s clearly stated on your next (and ongoing) newsletters that you now have a Facebook page. The first newsletter to say this, would be an ideal place to tell your customers what you plan on doing with it (specials, events, tips), and how they should “like” it to be a part of it.

4. Business Cards

At some stage, Facebook pages will be listed on everyone’s business card. It will be as natural as having your email address and website listed, so on your next run of business cards, make sure you put your Facebook address on there.

010212 0747 Top10places31 top 10 places where you should advertise your Facebook page

5. All printed materials

Many businesses have printed handouts. From product brochures and information sheets to sales catalogues and one off specials, most businesses might not do all types, but a lot at least do one. If your business fits this bill, then make sure that any printed material that you have displays your Facebook link on there. Giveaway items such as calendars, pens, and those really, really big notepads are another good place to put your Facebook link.

6. Inside your shop or office

If you have a shop that sells product or an office that holds meetings, then make sure your Facebook link is shown “somewhere”. If you have a shop, it can be displayed anywhere from near the cash register / EFTPOS terminal to above each rack of shop goods. This opportunity also presents the chance to inform customers that Facebook members get “exclusive discounts” or are the “first to know” in upcoming sales. A great way to get more “likes”.

If you have an office, you may need to play it a little more discretely by placing the Facebook link on your business card holder at the front desk. You may also have other marketing material around that area (reception) and so the stand and holders for these printouts represent another useful place to put up that Facebook link.

7. Outside your shop or office

Some businesses that have (the inside of) a shop or an office, also have (the outside of) a shop or an office. Should you be lucky enough to fall into this category then make sure your Facebook link is displayed proudly in your window to alert passers-by or drive-by traffic. If you want to be tricky, you can do this in the form of a QR code or just the link itself.

8. Any audio material

If you use radio (or television) ads then of course you’ll be mentioning your new Facebook link, right? If not, do it! Also, if you have pre-recorded telephone message on your “hold” music, then that’s another perfect chance for you to mention your Facebook page.

9. Company Vehicles

It’s quite common these days to have your sales vehicles fully “stickered up”. If this is the case, why not go a tiny step further to include your Facebook link amongst the rest of the fit out? If you have a lot of cars in your fleet, or you just have the one that covers a lot of mileage, then the exposure will be excellent!

I’ve not seen this done before, so why not be the first?

10. Word of mouth

How many times have you told someone your email address? Or even your company’s website? It’s such a normal part of conversation that you’re guess is most likely half of the actual figure. So why not include your Facebook link also? I certainly have been and it’s getting hits! You should try it also.

“Yup, I’m on Facebook. It’s Facebook.com slash gossipism” Rolls off the tongue nicely.

So there you have it, 10 great places where you should start to advertise your Facebook page. There are definitely a lot more, so why not tell us about them?

There’s also one more thing you MUST do. If you’re advertising your Facebook page and NOT using a clickable link (like what you would use for email signatures or your website), DO NOT (I repeat DO NOT), just say “find us on Facebook” which I see becoming more and more common. If you’re business is on Facebook and you want to let people know about it, tell them the direct link!

Thanks for reading and if you have specific questions about how social media can help your business, please drop me an email or leave a comment below.

Also, if you want to be informed of the latest posts and news about social media, please subscribe to my RSS feed, or join me email group with big bright pink box in the top right hand side.
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PS: hope you had an awesome holiday season and New Years Eve!

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