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In Australia we have a whole swagger of retail outlets aimed directly at girls (would they be aimed at any other market?).  One such retail outlet is Sportsgirl.  One of the more popular and well known of the young-nephew-named, “girly shops” it has taken a different approach to store marketing by including discrete QR codes to the front of some of their shops.  Let’s analyse this in a little more detail and find out why this is a brilliant piece of marketing on their behalf.

I’ve written about QR codes before but here are 2 relevant stats that make up the “anatomy” of a QR code scanner.

From this website here, we find that:

  • 60% of QR code scanners are male
  • With 53% aged between 18 and 34.

Now, let’s get some information about Sportsgirl.

  • They have 110+ stores Australia wide
  • A target audience of females aged from early teens to late 30’s
  • They sell mainly clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • And have recently introduced an online store along with a big social media push.

Ok, let’s put 1 and 1 together and act out a scenario that could very well be played out at any Sportsgirl shop in the country:

  • Young couple decide to a take trip to the local shopping centre.
  • They go into every “girly shop” with the male partner deciding to wait outside each of them while the female better-half browses inside having her “fix”.
  • Upon reaching the Sportsgirl store, the male “assumes the position” waiting outside patiently.
  • Looking around, the male sees a little QR code near the entrance of the shop.
  • He pulls out his phone, fires up the app, takes careful aim, then “BEEEEP”
  • Rewardingly a video is launched playing the latest “trends” at Sportsgirl.
  • The female partner, now exiting the shop, is met by the bemused partner holding a phone to her face saying “Look what I just scanned!”
  • The female, a little puzzled, replies with “Wow, I didn’t see that top inside.  Let me go back in and have another look.”
  • Said female turns around to head back in while the male “reassumes the position” thanking God he has enough games on his phone to pass the time.
  • Female returns with new purchase in hand.

QR Code 1, Young couple 0

As you can see this is a brilliant piece of marketing and I’m truly surprised that no other stores have taken to this technique.  A QR code takes less than a minute to create and the resulting scan can send people to your website, your Facebook page, or in Sportsgirl’s case play a video.

So, let’s list some other retail related QR Code goodness:

  • If you have a stand-alone shop, put a QR code for people outside to scan 24/7.  Direct people to your online store, so they can buy whatever they want, whenever they want.  If you have great street presence, think large, VERY LARGE!
  • Place QR codes in-store with the caption “scan me for great savings” above it.  Direct people to your Facebook page that has been setup with a custom landing page repeating the message of great savings for a “Like”.
  • Selling a particular item that is difficult to setup or use (think exercise equipment)?  Create a QR code that links to a video on how to setup it up and operate it correctly.
  • Incorporate QR codes into every printed media that your shop gives out.  Invoices, quotes, brochures, product sheets, envelopes, letters, etc.  Each QR code can be tailored to a specific purpose and most programs that “print out” something, can be easily tooled with to include them in the print out.
  • Do you give out bags when you sell an item?  Seal it with a sticker that’s a QR code!  If it’s an in-shop purchase it will almost always spark a discussion of “What‘s that?” To which you can reply verbally or better yet, give them a small brochure telling them what it is and how to scan it.  On the brochure itself you can include yet even more QR codes all pointing back to various aspects of your store.  There’s also a good chance of these newly converted people to tell their friends of their experience and so have some discrete QR codes setup on your website, when they visit (and they will!).

So there it is.  A terrific example of using QR codes in the retail industry.

As mentioned previously gossip ink will be doing a live open case study on 2 small businesses from Melbourne, Australia.  One is a professional services business, the other a retail outlet.  Look for the above points to be featured heavily for this shop and be sure to keep track of this project.

It starts very, very soon.  icon smile perfect example of qrcodes + retail shop = winning!


dEx         -              gossip ink.social media

“we got a new QR code on our home page, check it!”

resizephoto perfect example of qrcodes + retail shop = winning!

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