Jun 172012

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook has plans to take over the world (and I think their doing a bang up job so far).

Since the company went public, there have been more changes, beta tests and improvements made on the platform in the past few months, than in the entire time before the IPO.

Some quick new changes they have made.

The App Center

More closely related to Google Chrome’s Web Store, than Apple’s App Store, the Facebook App Center is the place to find all the apps and games for your web and mobile that you know truly annoy your friends (me included!).


Official Facebook Plugin for WordPress

The planet’s number one blogging platform, WordPress, is now receiving some “official” love from the planet’s number one social media platform, Facebook. Domination at its finest. Though it doesn’t really do anything more than other non-official WordPress/Facebook plugins, because it’s “O FISH EEE AL” you know it’s guaranteed to work, especially if they (Facebook) make another change. Which no betting man would put their house against.

Now, this is just a quick reminder. Social Media should be FOR your business and not BE your business. At one stage I (amongst others) regarded Facebook as the hub of your social activity, encouraging you to drive as many people to your Fan Page as you can. Whilst you should continue to build your fan base in all platforms that you’re active, you should never forget to drive people to your Website. This is pretty much my firm belief. Your website is the core of your online presence and Social Media is just the conduit with which you tell people about your great website that has your great products or great services. This doesn’t mean to neglect social all together. It’s essential to have. An average website with some great social media will always trump a terrific website with no social media.

At the end of the day, you actually own your website and its content. You don’t own Facebook (at least not all of it) or twitter or Google+ or (insert social network here) and in the unlikely event of these platforms not wanting to service Small Business, you always have your Website to come back to.

In short, “Your Business’s Website > Your Business’s Social Media”

If you have specific questions about how social media can help your business, please drop me an email or leave a comment below.

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