Jun 172012
More Freakin Facebook Changes / Essential Small Business Reminder

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook has plans to take over the world (and I think their doing a bang up job so far). Since the company went public, there have been more changes, beta tests and improvements made on the platform in the past few months, than in the entire time before the IPO. [click to read entire post]

Jun 152012
Airtime - Facebook's Video Chat and Why I Won't Use It

Video Chat. Something that has been around for ages (at least in the tech space) yet seems to get a new lease on life every couple of years with the most recent players being Skype, Facetime, Google+ Hangouts and now Airtime. Recently announced, Airtime is a video chat start up brought to you by big [click to read entire post]

Jun 132012
The Death of Facebook?

As a regular Facebook user, nothing sets the news feed alight quite like a Facebook change. The timeline view, the chat function, the news ticker, all sparked sufficient amounts of outrage that eventually died down to the point where the hatred for any one feature, soon turned into a love if it were ever gone. [click to read entire post]

Jun 122012
5 Changes To Facebook That Small Business Owners Should Know

As most of you may know, Facebook has just a “multi-billion” dollar shot in the arm.  With this new found status (pardon the pun) Facebook has introduced a whole heap of changes that either in effect now, or are about to take effect.  Some of the more exotic changes may not see the light of [click to read entire post]

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